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PoolServicePros.com is an on-line directory of service professionals displayed by "category" and Zip codes served. While service firms may pay a nominal fee for display listings, web hosting and other services, the PoolServicePros.com is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided, errors or omissions. Listing displays, hosted or unhosted company web sites, and third party links shall not hold PoolServicePros.com liable for any loss or damage, punitive or otherwise, resulting from the use of services display on PoolServicePros.com. 

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PoolServicePros.com highly recommends consulting with legal, insurance and service experts, where applicable, before hiring a firm or signing a contract.

PoolServicePros.com reserves the right to limit service listings and/or sign agreements with professional organizations or associations for listings of their membership, affiliates and/or supporters. While information hosted on PoolServicePros.com is intended to apply to Professional Pool services, misuse by participants will not hold PoolServicePros.com responsible for inappropriate content.

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