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About Us

PoolServicePros.com takes the inaccuracy and bias out of finding a service professional online. From our web site, you can easily and quickly search our up-to-date data base for professional services tailored to your needs and requirements.

PoolServicePros.com lists only members and supporters of the Independent POOL & Spa Service Association (IPSSA), which requires members to pass an entrance exam, become Water Chemistry Certified and attend regular monthly meetings. Additonally, members are liability insured, covered by a Sick Leave Coverage Plan and have educational opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills. While members and supporters operate independent businesses with differing pricing structures, these professional companies should be expected to charge fees comensurate with their experience, reliability and coverages.

Within a mouse click PoolServicePros.com will:

  • Display qualified service professionals that provide the service specialty you require
  • Display service professionals that actually work in your Zip Code
  • Display links to service professional web pages and web sites
  • Let you to make the decision on who to call or contact for your service needs
Nominal fees may be paid by service professionals for listings and a variety of web page and web hosting services.   PoolServicePros.com reserves the right to limit service listings.   Legal Disclaimer 

What We Are Not
  • PoolServicePros.com is not a subsidiary of any company, service or franchise network
  • PoolServicePros.com does not require you to fill out online forms or divulge personal information
  • PoolServicePros.com does not download service firm information from phone book or other data sources
  • PoolServicePros.com does not charge high advertising rates to create the illusion of a recommendation via exclusive or semi exclusive listings
  • PoolServicePros.com does not search or rank service firms based upon your proximity to the firm's mailing address
  • PoolServicePros.com does not place service firms in one-size-fits-all service areas


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